UDID Registration

To get iOS 8 Beta's on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch your devices UDID must be registered with an Apple Developer Account.

We offer this service for just £4.99 by registering your UDID on our account. And because we use an automatic ordering system this ensures your order gets processed in seconds.

To read more on UDID Registration, please view here in our FAQ.

What Happens Next?

As soon as we have successfully registered your UDID on our Apple Developer Account we will send you a confirmation email with simple instructions on how to install the latest iOS Beta's on your iOS device. You should receive this email within minutes.

But please do not install iOS 8 Beta's until you have received your confirmation email! iOS Beta's will fail to install on your device if your UDID isn't registered to an Apple Developer Account.

Help & Support

Getting in touch with us is simple. Send us an email to team@registerudid.net for a reply within an hour, or there's other ways to contact us.

If you're contacting us because you're having difficulty locating your UDID, please follow the easy-to-follow instructions on What's My UDID before contacting us.

At busier times, it may take a little longer to get back to you.